Joshua Wiley is a lecturer in the Monash Institute for Cognitive and Clinical Neurosciences and School of Psychological Sciences at Monash University. He completed his PhD at the University of California at Los Angeles in Psychology with a major in health psychology research, and did a post doc at the Mary MacKillop Institute for Health Research in primary care and prevention research with a focus on pragmatic randomized controlled trials. He studies the roles of risk and protective factors in the psychological and biological response to stress and chronic disease. Specifically, his interests are in affective science and understanding the protective role of emotion regulation factors including psychosocial resources (e.g., optimism, social support) and approach and avoidance-oriented coping processes. He studies whether and how these factors promote adjustment and health to stressful experiences including: cancer, low socioeconomic status, and general life stress. Examples of questions his research addresses are:

  1. What are the trajectories of mental and physical health in response to stress and are these predicted by resources or coping strategies?
  2. Do psychological and physical processes move in synchrony or co-regulate?
  3. What are the mechanisms and causal chains linking risk and protective factors with psychological and physical health (e.g., health behaviors, physiological mechanisms)?
  4. What are the characteristics of people who are resilient to or recover quickly from adverse events?
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I am in the process of updating my research summary. In the mean time, to see work I am currently pursuing, see:

  • The Activity, Coping, Emotions, Stress & Sleep Study ACES
  • A series of papers and research aimed at advancing science on creating composite measures of physiological (dys)regulation, SCORE Project
  • My overall GitHub profile, @JWiley


To get in touch with me about my research or a research collaboration please contact me here. If you have questions about statistical analysis or would like a statistical analyst or consultant on your project, please go to Elkhart Group LLC

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